2019-03-26 11:35:49

Vermiculite coated fiber glass cloth

E glass fiber can normally work at approx 550℃ and sofen at 750-850℃. With the development of coating glass fabric, The high temperature coating for fiber glass fabric is more and more welcome by the market for improving heat resistance of fiberglass. Among the various of high temperature coating fiber glass cloth, vermiculite coated fiber glass fabric is one of the most functional product. Compared with high silica fiber fabric and ceramic fiber fabric, vermiculite coating on glass cloth is easier production and lower cost. It has widely used for welding protect, oven&furnace curtain, fabric expansion joint, exhaust insulation etc.

Vermiculite coated fiber glass cloth is composed with E glass cloth or silica fiber glass cloth and vermiculite. The texturized glass cloth is a loose fiber yarn which can absorb as much as possible and thoroughly wet with vermiculite coating. E glass cloth can be well compatible and absorption with vermiculite liquid material. When suffering from fire(750℃-1300℃), Vermiculite form a film wrapping the fiber and absorb the heat avoiding direct fire. By this way, vermiculite coated fiber glass fabric has higher temperature resistance and longer lifetime. While, conventional E glass cloth will be burnt through within 10 seconds. Vermiculite coated fiberglass can improve 50% higher heat resistance and lower thermal conductivity, non-combustible, low shrinkage etc.   

1100Acetylene flame test

Fabric thickness, mm




Vermiculite thickness, mm





Fire side

Back side

Fire side

Back side

Fire side

Back side







Burn time


4 min

18 min


Burnt through

vermiculite glass cloth.jpgvermiculite coated silica cloth.jpg

Besides vermiculite coated fiber glass cloth, EAS also offer vermiculite coated silica cloth. Moreover, graphite coated E glass cloth and calcium silicate coated glass fabric are optional higher temperature coating for fiberglass fabric.